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What is <Stay on Target>?

Stay on Target was born from a desire to raid on a light schedule with people who aren't mouth-breathing retards or lootwhoring dramabombs.

Our raid schedule is: Tues & Sun 9pm(8 on sun)-1am (server/eastern time).  That's a very meager schedule - raids are run with that in mind.  They are focused, fast and to the point.  We don't raid much, but we make it count.

If you're interested in joining our ranks, read our Guild Charter then head over to the Apply Within forum, read up on the recruitment process, and let us know about yourself!  

Other Guild News

Raffle!!! Support Your Guild & Win a Mount!

Noxzemagirl, Mar 27, 14 2:36 PM.

Heroic Spoils!

Noxzemagirl, Mar 11, 14 3:02 PM.

Heroic Malkorok!!

Noxzemagirl, Mar 1, 14 5:26 PM.

Heroic Galakras: 12/10/2013

Noxzemagirl, Dec 12, 13 7:36 PM.

Heroic Sha Of Pride: 12/10/2013

Noxzemagirl, Dec 12, 13 7:33 PM.

Gizo 4/23/2014 8:05 PM
Preferred none.
Noxxy 4/23/2014 7:38 PM
casual =), clothing optional?
indyflip 4/23/2014 5:48 PM
Noxxy 4/23/2014 2:56 PM
indyflip 4/23/2014 2:51 PM
alt run is what time?
LionOfJudah420 4/20/2014 2:36 AM
Happy Ishtar!!
indyflip 4/20/2014 1:29 AM
Er, Easter
indyflip 4/20/2014 1:20 AM
Happy 420!

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